What is this website about?

This website allows users to check what games currently have the most active user base and allows them to check if their faviourite game is currently online.

What's the difference between Inactive, Fairly active and Very active?

Inactive means that the current game has no one currently playing and or is rare to find someone playing the game.
Fairly active means that you can find players occasionally or that you find the same players when trying to join new lobbies.
Very active means that you will always find players no matter what timezone you're in

What is Peer-to-peer?

One player acts as the server and sets up a game locally. All other players are able to connect to that player.

What is X-link kai?

XLink Kai is a multi-platform and peer-to-peer LAN tunneling service which enables users to play system-link / LAN and ad-hoc multiplayer games on their consoles online with people all over the world. For more information check here.

How do I setup XLink Kai?

A tutorial for setting up XLink for PSVita can be found here
If you're wanting to setup XLink Kai for PS3 that can be found here

How do I change the DNS on my PS3?

#1- On your XMB (cross-media-bar) select settings and then scroll to the bottom & choose network settings.
#2- Select Internet Connection Settings to modify your network configuration.
#3- In the next step you need to choose Custom, as easy won't allow you to change the dns.
#4- Choose the connection type you're currently using, wired connection or wireless.
#5- Choose Automatic for IP Address Setting.
#6- Do Not Set DHCP
#7- Choose Manual for the DNS Setting
and whether you're using PSOne's DNS server or another, it'll tell you the Primary DNS servers there. Only change the Primary DNS, you can enter anything for Secondary (example:
#8 - MTU Automatic
#9- Do Not Use for Proxy Server.
#10- Enable for UPnP.